Fire Resilience Excellence Awards

The Fire Resilience Excellence Awards (FREAs) recognises outstanding performance by individuals, teams, companies, initiatives and products in tackling fires and improving resilience to them and different aspects of fire resilience management. The awards are open to all those involved in the sector be that public, private or third sector organisations.

New awards launched to recognise outstanding fire resilience professionals.

World Excellence Awards the organisation that runs the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) has today announced the launch of the Fire Resilience Excellence Awards (FREAs). The FREAs...

Our Core Values


Those who enter don’t have to be a member of an association to be involved – anyone meeting the criteria can enter any category. The only requirement is that entrants are credible and have shown outstanding performance in their field.


The criteria for each award category are based on research to identify the characteristics of outstanding performance in the relevant area. The awards are underpinned by a strict ethics policy that seeks to ensure judging decisions are fair and impartial.  Judges – generally nominated by associations and interest groups – have to agree to mark according to our published ethics policy, and that includes the requirement to declare any conflict of interest on every mark sheet.


It is important to us for everyone to know the criteria for entering, how judges are selected and how the judging process works, so these details are published on the website.


The core values have generated interest and respect and recognition globally, as well as opportunities, not just for the winners, but also those who are finalists.